At Southern Turf Tech, we strive to look beyond the norm to provide innovative programs combined with quality products to create optimal success in a wide variety of turf scenarios. With the experienced leadership of Jimmy Geter,  CGCS, founder and chief agronomist, STT provides personalized service and customized solutions in order to produce superior turf conditions. Jimmy’s experience and talent are shown through his understanding of plant pathology, environmental conditions, and soil nutrient management and the levels necessary in each area to achieve exceptional results. With over 25 years in the turf industry, Jimmy has brought an out-of-the-box level of deep thinking and a wide range of experiences to identify causes and cures of turf issues.

Southern Turf Tech places the individual needs of its customers first, recognizing that each scenario and situation require different programs and solutions to maximize success. Through its superior product offering and its dedication and commitment to excellent service, it is the goal of STT to provide unparalleled results and success for its customers.

Jimmy Geter, CGCS

CEO and Chief Agronomist

Jimmy has always had a strong drive and passion to produce and preserve high quality turf. With over 25 years in the golf industry as a Golf Course Superintendent, including over 20 years with GCSAA certification, Jimmy has attained well-respected experience and knowledge in maintenance, renovation, construction, and build-in at superior golf courses. In his transition to the sales side of the golf course/turf industry, Jimmy has combined his desire to utilize his turf expertise and his devotion to excellent turf conditions with his passion to support golf course superintendents, landscapers, and turf growers to help them create effective solutions to achieve maximum results. Jimmy’s expansive knowledge, creative vision, and extreme commitment to the success of his customers make Southern Turf Tech a recognized and valued turf product resource.